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Our Team

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The key to the on-going vitality of our association is member participation in all aspects of the life of our association from enjoying monthly activities and events to sharing expertise and enthusiasm by volunteering for AIWM’s various leadership positions and committees.
Below are the six members of our 2023-2024 Executive Board who are responsible for managing the Association. These volunteers hold these positions for a year and were elected at the Association's Annual General Meeting, on 22nd March 2023. 

Supporting the Board and the Association's aims are several Standing Committees - Philanthropy, Member Outreach, Social and Former Board Members - the latter recently created to support new board members.

Sue Stevenson


British by birth, Sue has had a wide-ranging career in both the private and charitable sectors. She has lived in the USA, Belgium, France, Switzerland and Monaco and has travelled widely for business and pleasure. She has held seats on a number of boards in the USA and Europe, primarily in the education and arts spheres. Her personal interests encompass sport, the performing arts, literature, philanthropy and access to education for all.

Isabella Testaferrata De Noto

Recording Secretary

Born in Malta and spent some time living in Rome.  Graduated from the University of Malta with a BA Degree in Public Administration.  After training and travelling throughout Europe and the Middle East as a Flight Attendant,  she continued to pursue her education, graduating in Management Studies and moving to a senior role in Human Resources. 

She enjoys reading, hiking, gym classes and swimming. She is a member of the Rotary Club La Vallette.

Gail Coleman


A Texas-born New York City woman, Gail just retired from a 40-year career in finance, as a banker and corporate finance executive, focusing mostly on oil & gas.  She serves on the Board of arts organisations and a social service agency in New York City.  Since relocating to Malta in 2021, she has begun volunteering for Din L-Art Helwa.  She is a member of Heritage Malta, the Malta Arts Society and the Malta Map Society.  Gail and her husband enjoy travel, arts, hiking and swimming.  She is currently studying Italian.


Alice Brennan

Membership Co-ordinator

An Irish citizen who has recently arrived in Malta from Dublin, Alice recently retired from a career spanning over 30 years in the field of international business experience in education and technology.   Alice has one daughter who is living in Germany. She loves to travel and is a very keen walker who is currently exploring all the walking trails in Malta and Gozo.

Marianne Gable

Social Chair

Born in Venezuela to Dutch and English parents, Marianne’s career has mostly been in marketing and communications; in London, but recently in Hong Kong in advertising on the Colgate account. Her big passion is tennis and she is generally found at the Marsa Sports Club on court or in the gym.  Other hobbies include Bridge, reading, entertaining and travel, not to mention her two cats.

Kirsty Hignett

Co Chair Philanthropy

Originally from Barbados and arrived in Malta in 2004. We loved it and stayed.

Kirsty is passionate about giving back and this is extremely personal and deeply meaningful to me. 

Kirsty has been leading AIWM's philanthropic efforts for several years. It is great to have her back on the Board.


My family and I are happiest when we are traveling and adventuring together.


We always welcome members, new and old, to the Board. We love the fresh energy and ideas that they bring.  Please contact us if you would like to learn more about the roles available.

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