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Membership is open to all women who lived in an international environment or who simply love to travel and who are willing to actively participate in the Association's activities. We encourage you to join us, so that you too can enjoy the fun.

The AIWM also is affiliated with the Open Door Network which provides important links to a larger community of Associations of International Women. Open Door allows AIWM to assist women who are moving from one country to another, or who are traveling on holiday or business. By making appropriate introductions, friendships and networks can quickly be made in other parts of the world.

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  • Discover a supportive community — a community that can provide valuable advice, give recommendations, or just simply help find places known to locals.

  • Build long-lasting friendships.

  • Learn more about other nationalities and cultures.

  • Have fun at the Monthly Membership Meetings, as well as, monthly special events and activity groups: fashion, culture, arts, music, guest speakers, gastronomy and other imaginative activities.

  • Share hobbies and passions.

  • Support the local Maltese community by helping and attending the Association’s fundraising events.

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By Completing a Membership Application!

Contact our Membership Coordinator who will answer any of your questions and send you our Membership Application. You simply complete the Application and return it, along with a payment for the appropriate fees, to our Coordinator. All applications are reviewed for acceptance by AIWM’s Executive Board.

Go to our new site and submit your membership application online:

 or contact our Membership Coordinator.



There is a joining fee of €25.00 and an annual membership fee of €25.00.

For overseas members (those who spend more than 6 months out of Malta) the annual fee is €15 and for applications received after 1st July the  fee is reduced to €12.50

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