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We raised over €14,000!

We are thrilled with the results of the Christmas Fair held on 13 November at the InterContinental Malta. We smashed our target and all previous records!

All the money raised will go to our two Maltese Charities to support abused women and children, SOAR, St Jeanne Antide Foundation and FIDEM Charity Organisation. They are delighted.

Our members worked very hard. Plotting and planning, donating, baking, selling raffle tickets, buying raffle tickets, giving their time and supporting those that did. It was a massive team effort.

We would particularly like to thank all those members on the Christmas Fair Committee who worked so hard over the last six months, with special mention to Lindsay Mann for her dedication and inspirational leadership as Committee Chair. What a wonderful achievement.

The atmosphere on the day was one of fun, happiness, joy and engagement. We couldn't be happier.

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