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AIWM Survey feedback - 94% give us the thumbs up!

We wanted to hear what our members thought - hence the survey. We had a great response from our members. 80% took the time to respond and tell us what they thought.

A few 'did you knows':

  • 55% of respondents have been members for over 6 years

  • 11% have joined in the last year

  • 83% are permanent residents of Malta. We are delighted that those of you who have left Malta or are only living here part time are still engaged with AIWM. Please do be sure to let us know when you are back on the rock!

Why do our members join AIWM?

  • Well, overwhelmingly, to make new friends, be sociable and participate in charitable activities. This completely reflects our mission statement ‘To join in friendship and to raise funds throughout the year to support local Maltese charities’ – so that works!

  • 94% of you said AIWM meets your expectations. A happy result. Covid-19 definitely had an impact on member engagement, but we hope to improve on that even further.

And our colourful and lively newsletter a big vote of confidence.

What's great is that that we now, also, have a great insight into the sort of social activities our members would like to participate in. Lots to keep us busy over the next 12 months.

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