Open Door

Would you like to participate in a trip to another city? Are you travelling?  Are you moving away from Malta?  Do you like meeting like-minded women?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, these personal interactions highlight the essence of AIWM's membership in Open Door.

AIWM joined Open Door (, because it facilitates and promotes inter-Club contact and communication among International Women’s Associations throughout the world. Existing since 1980, Open Door’s consists of 67 associations, representing 34 countries. 

Because of our membership, we are able to:

•    Provide an immediate point of contact for our members moving to or visiting a town or city where a ‘sister club’ exists
•    Grant guest status at a monthly meeting or other activities to meet groups of women, introduced by our International Liaison to the affiliated association
•    Give priority of membership to an Open Door member wanting to join an association, where there is a waiting list for membership

In recent year AIWM has participated in cultural and social exchanges with associations, located in Paris, Zagreb and Berlin. 

Open Door is an opportunity to help each other through contact with women of different nations by promoting mutual understanding, furthering cultural exchanges and cultivating friendships which altogether lead to a richer and broader understanding of each other.

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