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 Christmas Fair

Our 4th International Christmas Fair on Sunday 13 November 2022 at the Intercontinental Malta, was a huge success with a wonderful mention in The Times of Malta.  We had over 2,000 visitors, 43 members helping on the day, 23 bakers delivering the most delicious goodies - all made possible by the most generous of sponsors and a cracking Fair Committee.  How much did we raise??? Over €14,000 We are thrilled!

We are indebted to the Intercontinental Malta for once again sponsoring this event.  

This year AIWM is pleased to announce that funds raised at the International Christmas Fair are for two organisations, both of which support women and children in Malta to achieve stable and positive lives.  They are:

SOAR Service, Saint Jeanne Antide Foundation (SJAF)

SOAR supports women who are victims of domestic violence to rebuild their lives in the community.  Over the past few years, AIWM has made SOAR Service one of its mainstay charities because of their exceptionally effective work. From their regular communication with us, we know AIWM funds truly make a difference in the lives of individuals.  For more information please check out their website SOAR.

FIDEM Charity Foundation
FIDEM, which means “hope” in Latin, believes in the transformative power of education. FIDEM helps adolescent girls and women reach their goals by supporting their education and well-being.  The organisation takes a holistic approach with its clients, supporting them in whatever ways they need to start or continue their education with the goal of becoming self-sufficient. They are women and teenagers who are striving to advance their education or training whether it be at university or to become a bus driver, a fire fighter, or a beautician, to give examples.
Please see the Times of Malta article written by the co-founder of FIDEM:  

And we are thrilled at the incredible selection of prizes for our Raffle. Blown away by everyone's support and generosity.


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